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Casting #2
Last updated: 13 Nov 2018


Casting #2 was a reducer bell for my propane burner.  As a second attempt, it was not too bad.  It also gave me some experience making up core moulds, and using cores within the casting.

25-Aug-2002: All I have so far is the varnished pattern for the 2" to 1.25" reducer.  It's a bank holiday weekend here, so there is no way I will be able to go out and buy one.  Anyway, it gives me some casting practice which I need badly.  In the background some spruce planks glued in pairs to make the core mould.
26-Aug-2002: The glued up planks shown above have now been turned into proper core moulds.  The ML7 has shredded some wood this weekend...
28-Aug-2002: The core has been made from silica sand and sodium silicate, all put in a freezer bag and gassed with CO2 from a Sodastream bottle.

My first attempt at casting was a disaster and I vowed that the next one could not possibly be worse.  This is the freshly shaken out look with the core still intact.

After scraping the core out, the casting almost looks usable.  Things are looking up...
The ends have been rough turned, still some casting flash to remove.  There are some sand inclusions, and I didn't vent (other than the riser).

This casting is not going to win a beauty contest but it will do the job.

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