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Casting #5
Last updated: 13 Nov 2018


Casting #5 - A fixed steady for the Myford ML7 lathe.  This page shows the casting detail, the project itself can be viewed here.

15-Apr-2003: This is the pattern being built up from scraps of pine skirting board.  The pattern is split into two halves, I have not tried this before so it will be something of an experiment.  Tapered steel pins hold the two halves together.
18-Apr-2003: The half of the pattern without pins is placed on a board, with the drag (bottom half) of the flask over the top.  The drag is upside down from where it would normally be, the parting line is the board itself.
After filling with oil bonded sand and turning over, it looks like this.
The cope is placed on top, and a little parting compound dusted over everything. After filling with sand and cutting sprues/risers the mould is ready for pouring.
One finished casting - I'm happy.

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