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Last updated: 13 Nov 2018


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Here are some castings I've done using the home made furnace.  Things started off badly, although they are improving!  This page doesn't include simple stuff like "open" castings, where I've made a cylindrical or square hole in green sand and just poured the metal in.

04-Aug-2002: First casting.  Note that the casting bears no resemblance to the pattern.  Things can only get better.
28-Aug-2002: Second casting.  Things are getting a little better - not perfect, but OK.  Click here for more details.
03-Jan-2002: Casting #3 is better still (but not perfect).  Click here for more details.
11-Jan-2003: Casting #4 has turned out brilliantly.  Oil bonded sand was used for the first time, and made a major contribution to the success.  Click here for more details.
18-Apr-2003: Casting #5 is another good one, this time a fixed steady for the Myford lathe.  Click here for more details.
7-Sep-2003: Casting iron has now been accomplished.  Click here for more details.




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