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4: Longintudinal slide
Last updated: 13 Nov 2018


This slide is similar to the vertical slide, although I'm using brass for the slide dovetails rather than gauge plate.

20-Dec-2003: This is the main part of the slide, the top plate.  In the picture, the plate has been drilled and is now being tapped.  A cheap trick is being used here, the mini mill is put between the high/low gears so it freewheels, and is used to hand tap the plate.  This keeps the tap vertical.
Brass strips have now been attached with 4 x M3 screws on each side and adhesive, but the dovetails themselves have not been cut yet.  Note the cutout on the right to clear the thrust washer.
All done.  The slide is pictured attached to the base, the handle is not graduated as this axis doesn't need it.

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