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Last updated: 13 Nov 2018


Jacobs favoured a pulley system using overhead shafts for driving his gear cutting machine.  I don't have a pulley system in my workshop, so some more up to date means of driving the machine are required.

A small induction motor is the favoured approach, along with some safety items such as a No Volt Release switch, maybe a panic button too.

06-May-2003: Thanks to Charles Ping from the uk.rec.models.engineering newsgroup, I now have a motor.  It's a 1/4hp 2 pole split-phase induction motor made by Crompton Parkinson.
Just trying to figure out the windings and gizmo's on it, will dismantle and give it a coat of paint.  Pretty sure that the T on the motor is the mains in for a thermal cutout, the two unknown purple wires only measure 0.3 ohms across so unlikely to be a winding. Taking the motor apart will answer that question...
10-May-2003: Taking it apart showed that the purple wires were indeed for a thermal cutout.  The motor has been cleaned, painted, bearings checked etc.  It runs smooth and quiet, so plenty of life left in it.

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