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Last updated: 27 Sep 2017


These are links to suppliers which keep home machine shops and home foundries going. I'm aware that many of the links are UK centric, so if you have any other links you want to see on here, just drop me an email

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Equipment: Tooling

Guy Lautard:  Guy Lautard site, books plans and accessories for Home Machinists.
4D Modelshop:  Modelling supplies.
Alec Tiranti Ltd:  Sculptors tools materials and studio equipment. Also a lot of stuff on there for low temperature casting, different types of RTV, a wide range of low melting point alloys, and castable resins.
Arc Euro Trade:  Tooling supplier, also supplies machines and equipment for CNC retrofits (steppers, drivers).
Axminster Tools:  Tooling and machinery for woodworking and metalworking.
Blackgates Engineering:  Sets of drawings and castings for projects such as 3" power hacksaw, dividing head, lathe attachments, tool holders, tool cutter/grinders, gear cutting heads, sine table, raising blocks, hardness tester.
Chester UK:  Large list of mostly imported machines and equipment for sale. Downloadable catalogue and price list.
Chronos:  Engineering suppliers, online catalogue for tooling, materials, machinery etc.
Cousins:  Jewellers supplier, have crucibles.
EKP Supplies
Emkay Screw Supplies:  Specialising in screws, namely: We specialise in socket head cap, countersink, button, set and shoulder screws. Hexagonal screws and bolts. Metric, BA, BSF, BSW, UNF and UNC.
Engineering Supplies:  Hand tools, power tools, modelmaking supplies.
Engineers Tool Room
Eternal Tools
GLR Distributors Ltd:  Supply of tooling, material, castings, steam locomotive kits etc.
Greenwood Tools
J & L Industrial Supply (UK)
J A Crew & Co.:  Suppliers of model engineering tools, electronic items, fasteners and materials.
Millhill Supplies:  Engineering tooling, materials and machinery (notably the Sherline range).
Model Engineering Supplies:  Tooling, second hand machinery, materials and model locomotives.
NuTool:  Range of manufactured and imported tools aimed at DIY market.
P J Tooling:  Mainly digital measuring equipment (calipers, micrometers, height gauges) but also supplying other items too.
Parker Tools:  Tooling, measurement, materials etc.
Proops Brothers:  Model making supplies
RDG Tools:  Tooling supplier, big range and quick delivery.
RS Components
Sutton Tools
Tracy Tools:  Specialists in mail order taps and dies (massive range), some other stuff too like endmills and other tooling.
Warco:  Suppliers of imported machine tools.
Wiseman Threading Tools Ltd.:  Suppliers of taps, dies, tapping heads - full range of sizes covered.
Ash Gear:  Manufacturers of a large variety of hobs, broaches and cutters from stock, with specials available to order.
Coles Power Models Inc.:  Stockists of all the bits and pieces you need for making model engines.
Harbor Freight
J & L Industrial Supply:  Tooling, materials, measurement.
LittleMachineShop.com:  Excellent supplier of accessories and parts for the mini mill and mini lathe.
McMaster Carr:  Massive range of tooling, stock, automation stuff, measurement etc.
Micro Fasteners:  Online store of fasteners, fixings and tools.

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