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Drummond Gears
Last updated: 13 Nov 2018


My uncle has recently rescued an elderly Drummond Type B lathe (pictured above) from being thrown in a skip.  I believe this dates from around WW I.

A few bits and pieces are missing, but it's mostly complete.  The one big problem is a couple of gears have split, so I will be making up some replacement items to help get the old girl "back on the road".

22-Jan-2006: There's the two gears made of cast iron and both have snapped like carrots.  It looks like an attempt has been made to build up new teeth with a welder, the subsequent heat destroying the gears.  Also pictured is a 14DP 14.5PA cutter from Tracy Tools.
11-Feb-2006: Some tooling has been made up to hold the gear blanks.  This will eventually go in the versatile dividing head to allow the blanks to be machined into gears.
18-Feb-2006: The first of the gears has been produced, another one to go and the job's done...
12-Mar-2006: This is the setup used for cutting the gears.  The versatile dividing head is mounted on a vertical slide.
Another shot of the slide + VDH.  Cutting 14DP gears using this precarious setup takes time...
Two passes were made round the gear, trying to cut the full depth in one hit on this setup is maybe too greedy.
Job done!

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