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HK1210 Graduating Tool
Last updated: 13 Nov 2018


Graduating dials is a fun job that I never seemed to have the right equipment for. 

As with some of the other items on these pages, I decided to order a kit from Hemingway to save the trouble of finding all the right bits and pieces.

Hobber This is an old pic from the hobber pages, the work head on the hobber is being used to graduate its own dial.  Not ideal, as the toolbit is being held in the lathe chuck.
Tool 1 The finished item which is toolpost mounted and has a top mounted turret to select calibrate, units marker, fives marker, and tens marker.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures as I was making it up, although the tool is fairly simple to make anyway.
Tool 2 This is the business end which deals with engraving the marks.  It's a HSS toolbit which can be swapped left/right and moved to the other end if required (the function of the tool can be completely reversed).
Tool 3 Another view of the turret.  This uses a ball bearing and spring inside the turret to 'click' between the different positions.  I couldn't get this to work correctly, and ended up using a larger ball bearing instead of the one supplied with the kit.
Drum3 Here's an example of work produced by the graduating tool - the micrometer drum from the Versatile Dividing Head.

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