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Electrical items

Not really much to write about here except that the motor is specified as end mounting but Parvalux supply a foot mounted one.  A little work with the hacksaw and a file soon sorts things out.

Sawing 10-Sep-06: Something does not feel right about taking a hacksaw to a new £85 motor that has never been used...  The feet have to come off though, and this is the quickest way of doing it.
Tapping The end cover is being tapped M5 to take the mounting bolts - the shaft wouldn't come out and seemed to need a lot of force so I left it in rather than break something
Filing Cleaning up the leftover of the foot.
Stator The stator has been masked up and is being sprayed matt black.
Shanks The painted up motor installed on the workhead.  It's definitely worth the time to dismantle the motor and get the colour scheme the same as the rest of the Quorn.
Capacitor 07-Jan-07: This is the electrical system for now, I need to get a switch and bundle all the stuff inside the cover.
Electrical 01-Mar-07: The electrical items all bolted inside the cover.  The terminal block is attached to a stepped bracket made for aluminium sheet which is retained by the two way power switch.

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