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Ball handles
Last updated: 13 Nov 2018


Ball Handles

These always seem to be a pain to make and this is made worse by the fact that the Quorn has 19 of the things, 10 large ones and 9 smaller ones.

Making the handles is a time consuming job due to the amount of machining required.  Each length of 3/4" bar for the large handles starts by weighing in at 150 grams, this reduces to 38g after all the maching ops - around a quarter!

Blanks 15-Apr-06: 10 blanks for the large ball handles.  Out of the 10, only 5 actually made it as handles with the remainder being destroyed along the way.  Another batch will be required...
Machining Machining the smaller end of the handle.  This is an easy job with the spherical turning tool.
Small end The smaller ends have been machined, now to do the larger ends.
Ball4 Turning the shank to size.  The larger ball is held by a special collar in the chuck while the smaller ball is held in a home made female centre.  The taper needs to be turned using the top slide at an angle rather than by putting the tailstock off centre.
Small 16-Apr-06: The blanks for the smaller ball handles just before the spherical turning.
Shanks 23-Jul-06: This is the last of the handles, the second batch of large handles to replace the handles that were wrecked earlier on.  None of these were ruined, so I have a couple of spare large and small handles.  I'm glad this job is done, it took 26hrs in total to make all the handles although 8 hours of that was re-doing the ones that were ruined.

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