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These are the key to the success of the machine - it won't do very much without them!  There are a number of accessories listed in the Chaddock book, some of which will get built and some won't. There are also some items here, such as the ER25 collet holder that are not covered in the book.

Square toolholder

Square holder 15-Dec-06: An essential item for holding square lathe and shaper bits  This is a little smaller than the one in the book at 7/16" as opposed to 9/16".

Diamond dresser holder

Diamond dresser 06-Jan-07: While still on essentials, this is the very simple holder for the diamond dresser.  On the other side there is a 2BA grub screw which locks the diamond holder in place.

ER25 collet holder

ER25 1 07-Jan-07: This is a very nice addition which allows the toolholder to carry work from 1mm to 16mm.  The holder is hollowed out to 5/8" so large drills and other long items can pass through the holder.
ER25 2 A shot of the collet holder in action.  This is a 10mm drill bit that I had carelessly taken a chunk out of the tip a few days before.  The damage has been removed and a 4 facet grind carried out.

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