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Rotary table nose for the Soba 4" table
Last updated: 13 Nov 2018


Some time ago, I bought a low-cost 4" Soba rotary table but have never done anything with it.  The lack of any ability to hold work onto it has probably been the biggest factor!

30-Nov-2002: This is a spindle nose for the 4" rotary table shown here attached to the table.  It can accommodate an arbor of 15mm although other sizes might be made up in future (6/10/12 mm).

This is a real help to me as the table does not have a Morse Taper hole, and the clamp kit you can buy as an extra is not much use for holding a spindle etc.

Here it is in action.  The good news is that it works really well.  The bad news is I just stripped the gearbox in my mini mill while slitting a gear hob.  The mini mill uses plastic gears?  Hmmm... looks like another project coming up.
Since the picture above was taken, the item in question has received a little surface rust.  It has now been cleaned up and oxide blacked thanks to a kit from GLR so it should stay good looking for a while yet. 
You can click here to download a drawing of the rotary table spindle nose in .pdf format.
25-Apr-2003: To date, the little spindle nose I made up has not had much use.  The big reason for this is it's only one size - 15mm.

Brainwave: Make some means of mounting a Myford sized spindle on the rotary table...  Turned from solid 2" bar and pressed/glued into a 1/4" thick steel plate, it looks like it will work.

Myford 3 jaw chuck fitted, it does not leave a lot of room on the mini mill table.  The tailstock is required or the whole assembly is too unstable.  I think the idea has potential, but would really benefit from a smaller 4 jaw chuck like a Sherline.

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