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Casting #1
Last updated: 13 Nov 2018


04-Aug-2002, The game plan: Duplicate a hub puller casting, it allows some green sand to be made up, and checks the flasks are OK etc.

The reality: Click on the picture, I cannot imagine it getting any worse than this.

There may be a number of reasons this went wrong:

  • Metal poured too cold (it was only just glowing deep red).
  • Moulds treated carelessly.
  • Insufficient water in the sand?  Or too much?  Mix was 20 parts silica sand to 6 parts fireclay, with 1 part water by volume.  I was expecting steam to come out during the pour, and I didn't see any.
  • Green sand not mulled enough.
  • Insufficient venting.  Check the vent risers, they only went up about half an inch.
  • Sprue too thin.

All of the problems above are fixable.  I just need to get some time to fix them ;-)

Click here for casting #2


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